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The National Foliage Foundation is one of the leading non-profit funding
sources for foliage research and educational programs in the
United States.
Industry Support:

Since 1987, with support of the dedicated industry members, NFF has continued to grow and provide answers to questions through research and education. chart AUD/CHF With a conservative approach taken by the NFF Board of Directors, the portfolio value of $2.2 million fund has weathered an ever-fluctuating financial market.


The NFF Scholarship arm of the foundation focuses on training future leaders of the industry. NFF supports educational programs that will attract young people to the nursery and landscape industry so that they will become a part of the solution to future challenges.


EURNZD One of the primary objectives of the National Foliage Foundation (NFF) is to fund research projects that have potential for enhancing development of the foliage industry and increasing enjoyment of plants used indoors. The use of funds set aside for this purpose is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Graduate Assistance:

The newest component of the Foundation's efforts is the graduate assistance program started with the University of Florida. Euro to Japanese Yen With the transfer of $350,000 of NFF's principal into the University of Florida's Foundation and a 50% match of funding from the State of Florida, the assistantship will support a student or students, seeking advanced degrees, who would work on specific problems associated with foliage plants.